BillFlash Electronic Patient Statements

Whether you are a medical billing company or physicians office, Medworks has an innovative, cost saving tip for you. It's based on a phenomenal service called BillFlash or Statements Made Easy!

BillFlash is an electronic patient statement processing service that provides immediate benefits by saving billers both time and money.

Billing patients is a critical revenue generating operation. But it can be time consuming and inefficient. It doesn't have to be this way!

Getting patient statements printed and mailed requires several hours, or even days, every month because the process is inefficient. You have to review, print, sort, fold, stuff statements, stuff return envelopes, affix address labels, seal, meter, troubleshoot and deliver the mail. We'll say it again, it doesn't have to be this way!

5 Minute Statements in 3 Easy Steps

BillFlash is an easy, convenient and economical way to get your statements out fast. In just 5 minutes, you can produce professional, laser printed statements that will be mailed by the next business day.

  • Step 1: You Create and Upload Patient Statement Files
  • Step 2: Review and Approve Your Documents
  • Step 3: BillFlash Prints and Mails Your Statements

It is literally that simple! See a sample statement here.

Click here for a demo.

The BillFlash Bottom Line

  • Costs less than sending statements from your own office
  • Billers save time and money by eliminating paper handling
  • Payers receive timely, accurate and high quality statements
  • See any patient statement sent in the last 12 months in the secure section of the BillFlash website.

Call Medworks at (973)543-8600, and we will answer your questions and help you enroll when you are ready.

Top Biller Benefits

Saves Money Billers say BillFash saves them 10% to 50% over the current inefficient method.
Easy 5 Minute Statements Statement processing can be completed in just 5 minutes.
Works with Billing Software Billers originate statements through existing practice management software
Improves Productivity Billing companies and practices can focus saved labor on alternative activities.
Increases Cash Flow Billers report receiving more payments sooner. In many cases, they tell us they have received an immediate 40% to 100% increase.
Eliminates Errors and Headaches Eliminating manual processing avoids inevitable human errors. In addition, since anyone can run statements in 5 minutes, the monthly headache of statement processing is gone. Statements can go out on time and every time despite staffing interruptions.
Accuracy & Security BillFlash's own proprietary IC2 processing method assures 100% mailing accuracy. This is accomplished by checking patient addresses against the Post Offices Change of Address Registry which will notify you and change the statement address before it is mailed. Billers don't have to worry about the statement going to the wrong address again.
Payer Satisfaction Patients report to Billers that BillFlash statements are easy to read, clearly state required actions, and appreciate the perforated payment coupon and return envelope.