Do you have concerns about choosing the right EMR Practice solution? Does cost matter? Read more

Choosing the right EMR solution can be a daunting task. After all, this is typically one of the most significant health IT related projects a practice ever undertakes.

Do you have concerns about choosing the right solution? Are web-based solutions cost effective? Have you considered the total cost of ownership over a period of time, perhaps 5 to 10 years?

Medworks is offering free, consultative, Practice Needs Analyses for clients wishing to embrace best practices while searching for the EMR solution that’s right for them. This incorporates many factors including an economic analysis comparing Medisoft Clinical pricing to other solutions you may be evaluating. The results can be astonishing and can literally save you tens of thousands of dollars over a period of time!

Our Observations
Medworks is supporting a good number of Medisoft Clinical implementations, and has completed more than 50 Practice Needs Analyses to date. Our experience so far allows us to share the following observations regarding typical practice concerns:

1. Budget really matters
2. Time management efficiencies are essential to customer satisfaction
3. Incorporate a proven medical billing solution
4. Post implementation technical support is a critical success factor

Do these factors resonate with you?

Are you concerned about selecting a solution that will be here for the long run?

Are you preparing for a staged implementation that emphasizes time management, thus allowing you to focus on your daily mission of providing quality patient care?

Are you thinking about what it means to pick the right business partner?

Please consider what you expect in a relationship with a company like ours. Please contact Medworks for a free EMR Practice Needs Analysis. Call us today at 973.543.8600.

5010A majority of medical groups have not completed critical software upgrades for transition to the HIPAA ANSI 5010 electronics standard, nor have they scheduled testing with health plans, according to follow-up research by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA).

Medical practices face disruptions in claims processing and other essential administrative transactions if they don’t successfully implement ANSI 5010 by the January 1, 2012, compliance deadline.

In addition, the MGMA and AMA presidents said the following in a joint statement released April 28, 2011:

"As the date for compliance with the government’s updated standard for electronic claims transaction rapidly approaches, physicians need to have practice management software in place to that meets those standards", said the American Medical Association (AMA) President Cecil B. Wilson.

"In order to avoid cash flow disruption associated with the transition to the 5010 standard, it is critical for physician practices to convert their administrative systems and test their readiness well in advance of the compliance date," added MGMA President and CEO William F. Jesse. MD

Less than 5 months remain before the compliance date and Medworks continues to communicate our readiness to support this important transition, as well as the specific costs to permit practices to appropriately budget and plan.

ANSI 5010 is coming fast! Contact Medworks at 973.543.8600 to discuss your budget and plan.

What's New

Why upgrade now to Medisoft v17 for ANSI 5010? Can your practice afford to lose $5,000? How about $25,000? That’s the risk you run if you are not able to submit your claims by the January 1, 2012, ANSI 5010 electronic standard compliance deadline.

Is there anyone you know who would benefit from Medworks’ services? Do you know a practice that is considering outsourcing its medical billing, or perhaps evaluating new software? Are you familiar with our Medical Billing Referral Awards Program? We appreciate your consideration.

McKesson is pleased to introduce EHR Meaningful Use Guide providing configuration and end user training for practices preparing for Meaningful Use utilizing Medisoft Clinical.

Medisoft Tips & Tricks

Customize Your Screens

Have you customized your screens yet? You have the ability to rearrange and add columns. In the upper left corner of your screen (column header row) there is a box with a black dot. Clicking this box allows you to customize your grids and allows you to add columns, move columns, delete columns and change names.

Medworks is a fully integrated provider of Medisoft and medical billing services. We specialize in physician centered solutions for medical billing outsourcing, electronic medical records and medical billing software. From assuming total responsibility for all your medical billing to finding the software that fits your budget, Medworks provides one stop shopping convenience which is anchored by our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.