Stay on top of the billing and collection process with Medworks Free Practice Analysis & Effective Revenue Cycle Management.

Getting the Most from Your Revenue Cycle Management
For many practices, the billing process is a great challenge and a source of cost and frustration. It is particularly daunting for smaller practices where billing staff fill multiple roles within the office. It is more critical than ever to stay on top of the billing and collection process. If your practice is lucky enough to have a qualified full time medical biller on staff, be thankful. Many that don’t have qualified billing staff have outsourced their billing to a medical billing service which allows practices to focus on what they do best: deliver quality patient care.

We frequently encounter practices that discover their billing processes, whether in-house or outsourced, are not adequately managed. In this instance we offer the following:

Free Practice Analysis
Medworks is pleased to offer a Free Practice Analysis and benchmark against industry standards. Please contact us with your request. Once complete we will meet with your group.

Effective Revenue Cycle Management Processes
Medworks offers the recommendations below to help insure your revenue cycle management processes are effective. In addition, we would be pleased to help you determine if your revenue cycle management process is adequately meeting the needs of your practice. If it’s not, our medical billing services can fix it for you, or we can provide custom, on-site training to help resolve any problems.

Verify eligibility for EVERY new patient prior to the first visit and for existing patients upon change of insurance or every 3 to 6 months, even if there are no known changes. Many employer insurance contracts have renewal dates at various points through the calendar year and changes in contracts may affect benefits without patients being aware of them.

Ensure that all charges are entered daily. Charges should be entered no more than 48 hours from the time of service and ideally, within 24 hours. If you are using Office Hours for scheduling, you can use the Appointments with No Charges report to identify any missing charges for each date of service.

Submit claims on a daily basis and resolve any clearinghouse rejections within 24 hours of notification. This will ensure that claims don’t slip through timely filing deadlines, as claims that are rejected on the front end never make it to the insurance company’s adjudication system and therefore do not meet the timely filing requirement.

Review both Insurance Aging and Patient Remainder Aging Reports on a monthly basis to identify problem accounts and follow up immediately.

Review Analysis Reports to monitor trends in revenue, correct payment from insurance companies based on contracted amounts, and profitability of the practice based on the payer mix.

Physicians Practice Digest recently polled industry consultants to find essential technology moves every practice should make for improving the doctor-patient relationship. These moves are designed to enable practices to spend more time talking with and taking care of patients. Following are the top five picks.

1. Put computer workstations in your waiting room, or facilitate linkage with your patients’ home computer. Patient interview software organizes patient concerns and begins the subjective history before the encounter.

2. Switch to an electronic claims submission system.

3. Automate your telephone system and send patient appointment reminders automatically via text, email or voice messaging.

4. Use a Smart Phone to access your patient schedule while away from the office. View your Medisoft schedules and make appointments in real time from any Droid or iPhone device.

5. Create a Web page on the Internet.

Medworks fully supports implementation for technology picks 1 through 4, and can recommend professionals who can create your website.

Please contact us for a no obligation consultation.

What's New

EMR Rebates are Flowing in New Jersey. Eight hospitals and six clinics in Essex, Passaic and Hudson counties are the first health care providers in the state to obtain federal money to convert their patient files to electronic medical records. The hospitals and clinics will share EMR Rebates to help aid what is a costly and complex transition, required under health care legislation.

McKesson introduces Quick Reference Meaningful Use Guide for Eligible Providers. This document helps practices utilizing Medisoft Clinical v17 prepare for meeting MU requirements.

Medisoft Tips & Tricks

Customize Your Screens

Have you customized your screens yet? You have the ability to rearrange and add columns. In the upper left corner of your screen (column header row) there is a box with a black dot. Clicking this box allows you to customize your grids and allows you to add columns, move columns, delete columns and change names.

Medworks is a fully integrated provider of Medisoft and medical billing services. We specialize in physician centered solutions for medical billing outsourcing, electronic medical records and medical billing software. From assuming total responsibility for all your medical billing to finding the software that fits your budget, Medworks provides one stop shopping convenience which is anchored by our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.