Implementing an EMR solution directly impacts the daily mission of a medical practice: delivering patient care… Read more.

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Successfully making the transition to EMR may be one of the more important projects a medical practice undertakes over the next few years. This is because implementing an EMR solution directly impacts the daily mission of a medical practice: delivering patient care. Determining how an EMR investment effects practice value is not strictly a numbers game. It is a function not only of finance, but also of the quality and types of services provided, and the affect it will have on the clinical and administrative staff.

Medworks suggests looking at the following factors:

  1. Improvement in cash flow and practice profitability.
    An EMR investment can help increase cash flow in many ways, including growing revenue by increasing a providers’ efficiency in seeing patients, expanding the types of patient centered services provided, optimizing medical coding, improving the performance of the billing office and reducing overhead relative to charting and documentation. An EMR adds value to a practice when the system improves the practice’s profitability.

    To learn more, access this article on Cowherd Family Medical Center, a small family practice in Heber Springs, Arkansas.

  2. Selection of a quality system that suits the needs of the practice.
    It is critical to conduct proper due diligence in the selection and implementation of the system. A few key questions to ask when evaluating a solution include: How much does it cost to remain in a paper environment? How will utilization of EMR save my practice time and money? How much functionality does my practice need? What are the most important features for my practice? Will workflow change? Will the practice be disrupted? How likely is it that I will be able to see more patients? Are my health IT vendors trustworthy and dedicated to excellent customer service?

  3. Qualifying to receive ARRA incentive payments.
    If applicable, consideration should be given to government incentives relating to demonstrating “meaningful use” of a certified EMR, as well as understanding the penalties associated with failing to show meaningful use.

In summary, the value of an EMR solution lies in the improved profitability and productivity that a successfully implemented system will bring to the practice. A purchase does not automatically guarantee results; however, a well planned implementation will go a long way with assistance from the right technology partner.

what is ANSI 5010?). This is critical because without v17 how will you be sure that your claims will be correct? Remember that ANSI 5010 testing began January 1, 2011. Get started now and gain peace of mind that your claims will be paid. Can your practice afford to lose money?

In addition to ANSI 5010 compliance, Medisoft v17 features a number of advanced capabilities:

  • BillFlash integration: enables submission of patient statements electronically to BillFlash directly from Statement Management; BillFlash replaces costly and time consuming manual patient statement processing with a low cost electronic statement processing service.
  • Office Hours Professional now included to enhance scheduling workflow.
  • Revenue Management now included at no additional charge- enables pre-claim editing, eligibility verification and intuitive remittance posting.
  • Revenue Management “click reduction” enhancements make the feature easier to use and improve office workflow.
  • Configuration enhancements help simplify ERA processing.

What's New

McKesson introduces Quick Reference Meaningful Use Guide for Eligible Providers. This document helps practices utilizing Medisoft Clinical v17 prepare for meeting MU requirements.

Medicare will pay for annual wellness exams starting January 1, 2011. Be sure to check the CMS website for guidelines.

Medicare Reduces Timely Filing. Claims with dates of service January 1, 2010 and later received more than 1 calendar year beyond the date of service will be denied as being past the timely filing deadline. Reference this article for more information.

Horizon BC/BS paper claims must be on red CMS-1500 Forms. Many practices have been submitting on laser-printed black-on-white formats, which is no longer acceptable.

Medisoft Tips & Tricks

Using Medisoft Reports to Find Missing Charges

It is important to make sure that you are collecting every dollar possible for your practice. The Appointments with No Charge report in Medisoft Reports is a powerful tool that can help you find dollars that could be lost due to missing superbills. The Appointments with No Charge report is accessed from the Medisoft Reports window in the Focus on Collections folder.

If your office has a policy of charging a "no-show" fee for missed appointments you may also want to run the Missed Appointments with No Charge report.

In order for each of these reports to provide maximum benefit you must use the appointment status function in Office Hours Professional to mark patients as Checked-In, Missed, Cancelled, etc.

Medworks is a fully integrated provider of Medisoft and medical billing services. We specialize in physician centered solutions for medical billing outsourcing, electronic medical records and medical billing software. From assuming total responsibility for all your medical billing to finding the software that fits your budget, Medworks provides one stop shopping convenience which is anchored by our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.