AutoRemind is an automated patient reminder service, which comes integrated with your Medisoft version 17. Read more

Offices frequently share their extreme frustration when patients don’t show up for scheduled appointments. Having staff call days before minimizes the problem, but over time amounts to thousands of dollars of extra staff time.

How big a deal is this for you?

How does this impact cash flow for your practice?

Offices frequently share their extreme frustration relating to patients not showing up for scheduled appointments.Now imagine virtually all your patients showing up on time and when they’re supposed to! There are many automated reminder services that can help insure this, at very low cost, compared to having staff dedicate time to make the calls.

Medworks recommends AutoRemind, the automated patient reminder service which comes integrated with your Medisoft version 17. You can utilize AutoRemind direct from your Office Hours Professional scheduler, and immediately reach patients with a combination of text messages, voice calls or email. Communications preferences are pre-qualified with your patients.

AutoRemind eliminates the hard work that goes into reminding patients of their appointments. We invite you to visit our website and listen to what customers are saying.

Medworks also invites you to schedule a one-on-one seminar or sign up for a 30 day free trial.

There are three reports that are especially useful at the end of each day:

    1. Patient daysheet
    2. Procedure daysheet
    3. Payment daysheet

The patient daysheet lists each patient seen that day. Detail charge, payment and adjustable transactions are listed for each patient, along with totals for each category. At the end of the report is a summary of the day’s financial activity for the practice.

The procedure daysheet is a production-oriented report, listing each procedure performed that day, the number of times the procedure was performed, and the total amount of all the entries for that procedure.

The payment daysheet is found in all Medisoft programs. It’s used to balance your bank deposit slip for each day’s deposits. The total of the payment entries on the payment daysheet should equal the total of your bank deposit. Also found is the ability to report payments by provider in a multiple provider office.

At a minimum, you should view the patient daysheet and the payment daysheet each day. These reports are structured to automatically include only the transactions you entered on that day, but give the option to include other transactions by date of entry or date of service.

The aforementioned procedures will give you information to help maintain accurate accounting records. Having said that, it is mission critical to backup your data on a daily basis using either an on-line service or USB Flash Drive solution.

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Medisoft Tips & Tricks

Changing Allowed Amounts on the Fly

When entering transactions, you have the ability to change the allowed amount.

Create or edit a procedure code, double-click the allowed amount box that appears on the bottom left of the transaction window, and change the allowed amount. Click OK to save the change, and save the transaction.

Note: For Network Professional and Advanced programs only.

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