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Technology Management Solutions

What is Your Medical Practice's Focus?
Are you frustrated with the reactive approach which most Technology Services companies use?

  • Do you wish that your Technology Services provider treated your problems as though they were their problems?
  • Is the sporadic and inconsistent nature of reactive IT services billing making it impossible for you to establish a technology budget?
  • Does your practice suffer because staff members are constantly relegated to resolving computer-related issues instead of what you actually hired them to do?

It's about time an IT Services company found a better way to proactively administer and provide for your technology needs.

  • It's about time they took ownership and responsibility for the support and overall management of your systems and network infrastructure.
  • It's about time service plans were flexible, budgetable and affordable.
  • It's about time you were able to focus on running your practice, not putting out technology related fires all day long.

It's about time to make the move to Medworks recommended TECHLINQ™!

TECHLINQ™ Support provides medical practices of all sizes with proactive technology support at a fraction of the cost of hiring a reactive or non-staff support technician. Our Support Plans offer a dedicated account manager, state -of-the-art uptime and performance monitoring, and an available team of certified computer technicians with an average of over 10 years of professional technology services experience.

We have you covered!

To learn more about TECHLINQ™ Support Programs call Medworks at 973.543.8600. Ask about TECHLINQ™ Basic, TECHLINQ™ Professional and TECHLINQ™ Premium.

Secure Online Data Backup and Recovery

For those who value their data…

  • How confident are you with your current backup technology?
  • How often do you backup your server?
  • How often do you test your current backup?
  • Can your backup data actually be restored?
  • Who is taking your backup data off site every day?
  • Is your backup data being kept in a secure location?
  • If your server hard drive crashes, how will you recover?
  • If your desktop, laptop or tablet hard drive crashes, what about your email, documents and images?

Rest easier with one of our BACKUPLINQ™ plans. Powered by Iron Mountain, you can be sure that your valuable data is being backed up and securely stored by the industry leader in online backup.

Simply set it and forget it, and never have to worry about tapes, storage and tiresome backup procedures again.

Medworks offers fully managed, regulatory compliant online backup and disaster recovery solutions to protect medical practices of all sizes. The consistent reliability and cost effectiveness of this service has earned it a 93+ percent adoption rate.

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