Medisoft Software Training

Maximizing the deep capabilities of Medisoft is a core competency of Medworks. In fact, nobody does it better!

We confidently make this claim because Medworks utilizes Medisoft as the software of choice for our own medical billing department.

Are you fully leveraging the capabilities of Medisoft? Not sure? Call Medworks for a no obligation discussion.

Support & Training Policy

The majority of our clients choose the Inner Circle Pre-Paid Support Program which offers a reduced rate in return for a minimum deposit against which telephone and remote support services are charged.

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Starting with the right information can save hours of frustration, lost time and money. Proper training will also help you avoid costly mistakes on claims that disrupt your cash flow. There is no need to learn the hard way because we are here to help you!

Benefits of Training:

  • Ensure your program is setup properly
  • Optimize your efficiency by learning the shortcuts
  • Customized billing solutions based on the needs of your practice
  • Peace of mind knowing claims are accurately and fully processed

Our most satisfied clients have taken advantage of Medworks training. With on-site training you should expect to see immediate financial benefits. Your billing staff will have a hands-on, user friendly experience learning how to use the program as it is intended to be used, and most important, with the intended results! Whether you have just started using Medisoft or you have been using the program for a long time, you will benefit from Medworks training.

We offer the following Medisoft training packages:

  • On-site personal training with your billing staff
  • Remote personal training
  • Training seminars

To schedule training or to qualify your unique needs call 973.543.8600